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Become our partner

Become our partner

With experience Expertise and complete readiness of resources since research and development. Production of a wide variety of pharmaceuticals, medicines and health products Including distribution channels covering health business units both domestically and abroad. We are ready to cooperate with business partners. With confidence that we will help you realize your dreams. Achieve your goals and succeed together.

Why be a partner with us ?

Affiliated companies of T. Man Pharmaceutical Public Company Limited Ready to provide comprehensive services covering your needs. To continue the dream in the health product business.

We have the potential to offer:

  • The potential to research and develop innovative health products that meet the health needs of all ages, more than 800 items.
  • The potential to produce a variety of pharmaceuticals, medicines and health products. Including tablets, capsules, soft capsules, syrup, jelly, cream, lotion, gel, balm, ointment, etc.
  • Potential in distribution channels. Over 10,000 domestic and international customers.
  • Potential in sales system management and after-sales service that allows you to trust that we will continually take care of you and your customers.

Become our official distributor

Become our official distributor

Open business opportunities for you to distribute our products in your country. With more than 800 innovative health products available for sale.
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