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Vision & Mission

Vision & Mission

Our Vision

Committed to promoting healthy innovation Improving everyone's quality of life

Our Mission

To be a leader in creating innovations that can truly improve the quality of life worldwide, the aim is to continuously develop the potential of the research and development department in terms of knowledge and resources. This involves integrating cooperation with business partners and researchers who possess expertise from leading institutions, both domestically and abroad. The overarching goal is to continuously create valuable health innovations and be able to respond to global health trends in a timely manner.

Improve, develop, and invest in production technology to elevate the production process to the highest efficiency, we are committed to developing a quality control system and enhancing the efficiency of every department’s work process to align with internationally certified standards. Our commitment extends to continually raising the level in accordance with growing consumer expectations. To ensures the delivery of effective products with the highest quality, meeting market needs and creating maximum satisfaction for consumers.

Leading to strong cooperation between the organization and partners in every sector, let’s elevate the process of delivering good and quality health products and innovations to consumers. This involves both expanding distribution channels and building good relationships with customers across all channels. The goal is to increase product distribution efficiency, covering both domestic and international markets, to provide consumers with a positive experience. The organization is dedicated to ensuring maximum satisfaction with its products and services.

Setting a management policy to encompass the entire supply chain system, we consider the benefits of partners and related parties in accordance with the principles of corporate governance (Corporate Governance)—prioritizing honesty, transparency, fairness, reliability, and verifiability. The aim is to establish a working system that fosters mutual support, enabling all sectors to collectively receive maximum benefits. This initiative further strengthens the organizational network, making us prepared to navigate through every change and ensuring the seamless operation of our business for sustainable growth in the future.

Conduct business with an awareness of the value of resources and consider the impact on both society and the environment. Adhere to the principle of using resources wisely to achieve maximum benefit and be prepared to support solving problems in society and the environment. The goal is to deliver a good quality society and environment to the next generation.

“We will produce and create innovative health products”

To raise the quality of life for Thai people, ensure they have access to effective, good-quality medicine.