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Message From Chairman

Message From Chairman

Message From Chairman

T.Man Pharmaceutical Public Company Limited

More than 50 years ago, we founded T.Man Company with a resolute determination and belief. Our initial goal was to produce medicine utilizing the skills and innovation of Thai people, ensuring access to quality medicine for the Thai population. We aimed to facilitate easier access to treatment without dependence on expensive imported medicines.

Throughout our long-standing business operations, our commitment to development goes beyond investing in research and production of modern medicine. Recognizing the significance of utilizing herbs and natural products in healthcare, we prioritize efficiency, quality, and safety as paramount. This commitment led to the establishment of subsidiary companies—Heaven Herb Co., Ltd., responsible for producing herbal and natural products, and Nova Health Co., Ltd., dedicated to research and development innovations for the health of the Thai people.

Because we are confident in the potential of Thai people to innovate for health and enhance the quality of life for both Thai citizens and the global community.


Pharmacist. Khumnuan Kongsupalak